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 The manual profile update should now be complete. ​ The manual profile update should now be complete. ​
 +====Switching between plasma/gas profiles====
 +To switch between profiles via the on-screen button (for example, such as the Switch Technology button present on the X1366P plasma and X1366G gas profiles), the user can simply click from the main software screen to confirm the profile switch without having to go into the program settings. ​
 +{{ :​mycnc:​switch-technology-002-menu-button.png}}
 +However, the Switch Technology button only allows to switch between select profiles that must be specified by name - it is therefore necessary to properly define the profile if its name has been changed from the default (for example, when using a profile called ''​CustomPlasmaProfile''​ versus the default ''​X1366P''​).
 +In order to do this, it is necessary to do a quick edit of the .xml files that contain the code for the menus for both respective profiles (in this case, our custom plasma and custom gas profiles). ​
 +  * Head into the folder containing the myCNC profiles. On Ubuntu, it will be //​home/​.config/​myCNC/​profiles//​. ​
 +  * Head into the custom folder that you are using (in this example, it will be ''​CustomPlasmaProfile''​ and ''​CustomGasProfile''​)
 +  * Head into the plasma profile (''​CustomPlasmaProfile''​),​ locate and open the ''​x-menu.xml''​ file in a text editor of your choice (Pluma is used in this example). ​
 +{{ :​mycnc:​switch-technology-004-x-menu.png}}
 +  * In the x-menu.xml file, search for the ''​profile-change''​ line
 +{{ :​mycnc:​switch-technology-005-search.png}}
 +  * In the text field, enter the correct names of your edited profiles (for example, ''​CustomPlasmaProfile''​ and ''​CustomGasProfile''​) instead of ''​X1366P''​ and ''​X1366G''​. The code would then look similar to the following:
 +<code XML><​gitem where="​x-menu"​ position="​210;​10"​ width="​80"​ height="​80"​ image="​tabs/​button-plasma-gas"  ​
 + ​tooltip="​Switch technology (plasma/​gas)"​ tooltip_ru="​Смена технологии (плазма/​газ)"​
 + ​hotkey="​F10"​ action="​radio-confirm:​profile-change"​ text="​CustomGasProfile;​CustomPlasmaProfile"​
 + ​labelFontSize="​14"​ fontSize="​14"​ orientation="​horizontal" ​
 + ​type="​button"​ >
 + <​confirm-message>​Change Technology Profile</​confirm-message>​
 + <​confirm-message_ru>​Сменить технологию резки</​confirm-message_ru>​
 +{{ :​mycnc:​switch-technology-007-text.png}}
 +  * Save the x-menu.xml file.
 +  * Head into the gas profile (''​CustomGasProfile''​ in case of this example) and navigate to the ''​x-menu-gas.xml''​ file.
 +  *Once again, locate the ''​profile-change''​ line and change the ''​text''​ field to contain the correct names of the new profiles. ​
 +  *Save the ''​x-menu-gas.xml''​ file
 +  *Reload the myCNC application
 +At this point, the Switch Technology button will allow for an easy switch between the profiles you have chosen:
 +{{ :​mycnc:​switch-technology-010.png}}
   ​   ​
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