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 +===How to set up Homing Handler===
 +If the machine has stopped unexpectedly,​ due to things like an emergency stop button press/power failure/​etc,​ it is sometimes necessary to prompt the user to run the Homing procedure again before allowing any further actions to be taken in order to safely calibrate the machine. In order to do that, a software PLC is put in place called the **HOMING_HANDLER**
 +The Homing Handler can be set up by using the following instructions:​
 +1. Go to **Settings > Config > PLC > Software PLC** and select **HOMING_HANDLER**
 +2. In the HOMING_HANDLER code, put the two forward slashes in front of the **exit(99);​** line, commenting it out.
 +Note that the axes for which the homing is not required (Axis C in this case) have also been commented out. If only select axes need to be included in the homing procedure after the emergency stop, these can be configured in the code by adding/​deleting forward slashes in front of the respective axes' commands.
 +At this point, in an emergency stop situation, myCNC will prompt the user to run the homing procedure for the selected axes before any other action is taken after starting the machine back up again.
 +In order to disable the Homing Handler, add the two forward slashes in front of **exit(99);​** again, then Save and reload the application. ​
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