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Line 66: Line 66:
 {{mycnc:​update:​mycnc-update-012.png}} {{mycnc:​update:​mycnc-update-012.png}}
-myCNC binary file will be downloaded.+the myCNC binary file will be downloaded.
 {{mycnc:​update:​mycnc-update-013.png}} {{mycnc:​update:​mycnc-update-013.png}}
Line 81: Line 81:
 <​code>/​home/​operator/​myCNC/​TINKER</​code>​ <​code>/​home/​operator/​myCNC/​TINKER</​code>​
-Select empty space, click the right button on it and select "​Paste"​ from popup menu.+Select empty space, click the right button on it and select "​Paste"​ from popup menu.
 {{mycnc:​update:​mycnc-update-015.png}} {{mycnc:​update:​mycnc-update-015.png}}
Line 89: Line 89:
 {{mycnc:​update:​mycnc-update-016.png}} {{mycnc:​update:​mycnc-update-016.png}}
-Press the right button on myCNC icon, select "​Properties"​ from popup menu.+Press the right button on the myCNC icon, select "​Properties"​ from the popup menu.
 {{mycnc:​update:​mycnc-update-017.png}} {{mycnc:​update:​mycnc-update-017.png}}
Line 97: Line 97:
 {{mycnc:​update:​mycnc-update-018.png}} {{mycnc:​update:​mycnc-update-018.png}}
-Set the checkbox and press "​Close"​ button+Set the checkbox and press the "​Close"​ button
 {{mycnc:​update:​mycnc-update-019.png}} {{mycnc:​update:​mycnc-update-019.png}}
Line 113: Line 113:
 {{mycnc:​update:​mycnc-update-023.png}} {{mycnc:​update:​mycnc-update-023.png}}
 +==== Update from Installation distributive ====
 +The software can be updated by installing the last version from an installation distributive package over the installed version. All profiles with machine configuration are situated in User folder and will be untouched while installation.
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