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 +======Rollback to a previous version of myCNC software======
 +In case you are having issues after updating to a new software version, or would simply rather use an older version, you can use the following instructions:​
 +  * Head into the folder containing the myCNC application (/​home/​opt/​myCNC on Ubuntu machines)
 +  * Select the folder in which the launch file for the myCNC application is located (''​ubuntu18_64''​ in this example)
 +  * Delete the file named ''​myCNC''​ (this is your current program version)
 +  * Locate the backup file with the date to which you would prefer to roll back
 +  * Rename that file to ''​myCNC''​
 +  * Launch/​relaunch the myCNC application
 +The program should now be using the backup version. ​
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