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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is provided within myCNC software.

Global variable Fuction
8119 Setting up the PWM frequency to control modulation

The Laser Control settings window (Settings → Config → Technology → Laser control) allows for fine laser control at different speeds. This allows to prevent overheating when approaching corners, etc:

The following settings are available:

  • Enable/disable toggle
  • Min/Max control values. This allows the user to set values from 0 to 99 percent of the total laser power.
  • Speed ranges for min/max values set the speeds range in which the laser power will be changed between the two values set above (everything below the min speed value will be at min control value, everything above the max speed value will be at max control value, and in the range in-between the two speed values there will be a linear transition between the two control values).
  • PWM channel to specify the channel designated for laser control

Examples of laser cutting setups

An example of myCNC controller being used on a laser cutting setup can be seen below:

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