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Laser Cutting

(Development Stage)

Laser cutting control is provided within myCNC software.

Global variable Fuction
8119 Setting up the PWM frequency to control modulation

Writing a value to the Global variable register from Hardware PLC procedure will change Frequency of PWM outputs. This option available for special edition of the myCNC-ET7 control board.

A table below shows PWM period depend on 8119 register value

8119 value PWM period
1-255 (N+1)*5.12us
256-511 (N+512)*5.12us
512-767 (N+2560)*5.12us
768-1279 (N+3072)*5.12us
1280-1535 (N+3584)*5.12us
1536-1792 (N+5632)*5.12us

The Laser Control settings window (Settings → Config → Technology → Laser control) allows for fine laser control at different speeds. This allows to prevent overheating when approaching corners, etc:

The following settings are available:

  • Enable/disable toggle
  • Min/Max control values. This allows the user to set values from 0 to 99 percent of the total laser power.
  • Speed ranges for min/max values set the speeds range in which the laser power will be changed between the two values set above (everything below the min speed value will be at min control value, everything above the max speed value will be at max control value, and in the range in-between the two speed values there will be a linear transition between the two control values).
  • PWM channel to specify the channel designated for laser control
  • Focus pulses per unit
  • Focus limit switches for the MIN/MAX limit - input numbers
  • Focus software limits
  • Focus speed and acceleration
  • Height Control ADC sensing channel
  • HC Initial Sensor Ref to specify the “initial” coordinate that is assigned to a specific Initial Height (i.e. when the sensor readings are equal to the Initial Sensor Ref, the Height is set to be the initial height - typically a value that's close to zero as to increase precision).
  • HC Initial Height - the height value that's set when a sensor reading is equal to the Initial Sensor Ref
  • Probing speed and Probing Speed Slow (probing speed slows down as the point of “contact” is approached)
  • HC Sensing for slow speed - the value of the sensor to enable slow probing speed

Laser cutting profile

The myCNC Team provides the experimental laser cutting profile Y1366L on request. Note that at the time of writing the manual (November 2021) the profile is currently under development and is not yet intended for final release.

The main profile screen is displayed below:

The profile allows to select the following:

  • Cut speed
  • Height
  • Power (percentage)
  • Frequency
  • Duty
  • Gas Type, Gas Pressure
  • Time
  • Dynamic Frequency, 1 and 2

The profile also allows to use up to three pierce steps, and store up to 8 presets for laser cutting.

The modes can also be switched using the G130 command, for example:

G130 P1
G130 P2

The profile utilizes the following global variables:

GVAR_LASER_PRESET_SELECT 8470 Load a set of parameters for the corresponding preset number
GVAR_LASER_PRESET_SAVE 8471 Save the current parameters as a cutting preset for the specified number

DXF Import

It is possible to enable a special laser cutting mode for DXF import, that switches the typical tools (such as knives, marker/pen, etc) into laser cutting modes for die board cutting. In order to do so, go into Settings > Config > Technology > Laser control, and enable Die Board Cutting:

As a result, the modes will be available for selection at the DXF Import screen:

To read more about general DXF import settings, please consult the following manual: Importing DXF files into myCNC

Examples of laser cutting setups

An example of myCNC controller being used on a laser cutting setup can be seen below:

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