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myCNC software supports up to 4 Triggers.

  • It's possible to configure Input Number and Edge Type (Rising or Falling) to activate the Trigger.
  • Each trigger can be Enabled of Disabled in PLC procedure. If the Trigger is disabled, all activity on configured input is ignored;
  • If trigger is enabled and programmed Rising/Falling Edge happens, Trigger activated and starts PLC procedure defined as Slot

Examples of usage Tiggers.

  1. Arc ON signal from Plasma power source represents current Plasma Arc state. Running program should be stopped if the signal failed during cutting. The signal Falling during “no cutting” operation should be ignored. A solution is to set up “Arc ON” input, falling edge as Trigger, Enable the trigger just after piercing operation in M71/M03 PLC procedures and disable it in M74/M05 PLC procedures just before OFF plasma power source.
  2. Probing operations. Events from probe sensor should be handled while probing operations. However, Probe input activated while normal moving might be in fact hitting the probe into the material. It can lead to Probe sensor breakage and run should be stopped immediately. A solution is to set up probe input as a trigger, configure Immediate Stop in the Slot PLC procedure and disable the trigger while probing operations ONLY.
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