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MyCNC profiles

MyCNC software can be flexibly configured for a wide range of application. Complete machine configuration is stored in Profile - folder that contains all the screen configuration, machine settings, macros, PLC procedures etc.

Profile folders are placed in “myCNC/profiles” folder in User configuration folder. “User configuration folder” is OS dependant folder which can be foor example:

  • Linux -
  • MS Windows (Old) -
    C:/My Documents/...
  • MS Windows (Win 7) -

For example for Odroid-C2 mini computer we offer profiles folder are placed in -


Save/Restore Profile Configuration

  • Current Profile can be stored simply by archiving your current profile folder
  • Current Profile can be stored in the local database file. Press Ctrl+Z to open Save Profile dialog, enter comments and press “Save”. A Complete set of Current profile files will be stored in the database file. To restore Current Profile press Ctrl-L to open Load profile dialog, select profile snapshot and press “ok”.

Database file with Profiles Archive is placed in myCNC working folder in myCNC/db/profiles.sqlite file. A Full path for Odroid-C2 is


for MS Windows it can be


Manual restore Profile Configuration

To increase SD cards performance In case of power failure profile configuration file “cnc-variables.xml” might be damaged. To restore profile configuration you can manually copy this file to profile folder from the archive. For example,

  • put “cnc-variables.xml” file to USB disk and insert it into the SBC.
  • Close myCNC software to see the desktop
  • Click on Home icon to open User Home Folder (usually it's “/home/operator”) in a File Manager.
  • Click “Show Hidden Files” checkbox in “View” menu to see Hidden files (files and foders in Linux systems started with dot symbol “.” considered as “hidden”, user configuration folder in Linux is “.config”)
  • Goto “/home/operator/.config/myCNC/profiles_YOUR_PROFILE” folder
  • Fnd cnc-variables.xml file
  • Open another File Manager (press “Home” icon again), goto USB disk (you can find it in left lanel under “DEVICES” section
  • Copy the file from USB to YOUR_PROFILE folder
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