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Language Localization

A number of language localization packages, some of them full while others partial, are already included in the myCNC software. In order to switch the application language, head into Settings > Config > Screen, and type a two-digit language code into the language field, press Save CFG and reload the application for the change to take effect:

Code Language
en English
ru Russian
es Spanish
pl Polish
kr Korean

While some language localization can be performed by editing the selected myCNC profile (a lot of the on-screen elements, tooltips and labels can be translated this way), editing the Settings window, along with some others, is not possible for the end-user by simply editing the necessary files in the profile folder.

If a localization package is missing, and you would like to help the myCNC team add it to the application, you can head over to our Downloads page, scroll down to the Language Translation Files section and download either the Excel or the LibreOffice file.

This file will contain a number of entries which can be translated from English into your language of choice:

After translating the necessary sections of the spreadsheet, you can send the updated file back to us, either by using our Forum, or through the information listed on our Contact Us page. Note that it is not necessary to translate the entire file - we can always update the additional sections that need changing at a later date.

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