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How to change motion acceleration

Usually settings for motion acceleration can be found in “SYS” configuration Tab, “Motion Settings” section

Acceleration defined in cnc-variables.xml configuration file. Item name for Acceleration is


where LISTAXES is list of axes.

It's possible to either setup separate acceleration for each axis -

<value name="motion-acceleration-x" >1000</value>
<value name="motion-acceleration-y" >1000</value>
<value name="motion-acceleration-z" >250</value>
<value name="motion-acceleration-a" >500</value>
<value name="motion-acceleration-b" >300</value>
<value name="motion-acceleration-c" >100</value>

Or setup acceleration for group of axes, for example one acceleration for X and Y axes, next for Z axis and another for all rotary axes (A, B, C) -

<value name="motion-acceleration-xy" >1000</value>
<value name="motion-acceleration-z" >250</value>
<value name="motion-acceleration-abc" >500</value>

Like all other configuration items, acceleration settings can be brought to User interface dialogs. For example in user settings dialog of 1024P profile settings for XY acceleration is

fgColor="cyan" format="%d" height="60"
name="display-motion-acceleration-xy" fontSize="18" bgColor="black".
labelWidth="130" displayWidth="90" fontStyle="bold" orientation="horizontal">
  <message>Acceleration XY, %accel%</message>
  <message_ru>Ускорение XY,%accel%</message_ru>

and the dialog with Acceleration settings -

How to change Interface Language

Open Settings Tab

Select SYS tab

Select Preferences Section, Interface language item

Double Click on the item, Select your language, press OK button, SAVE button

Restart myCNC Software

How to change Interface Language (updated for Version 1.88.106 and up)

Open Settings Tab

Open CFG Tab

Select Preferences tab, Screen tab

Change Language two-letters language code, press SAVE button

Restart myCNC Software

How to change Screen Size and Position

Open Settings Tab Open CFG Tab

Select Preferences, Screen tab

There are few settings to control GUI screen size, position and window attributes

  • Full screen - switch myCNC main window to full-screen mode (without Window title and borders)
  • Maximize screen - switch myCNC window to Desktop Size but keep windows title and border
  • Fixed screen size - set size in pixels for myCNC main screen window
  • Fixed screen position - move left-top point of myCNC main window to given position
It's supposed this setting should work the same way for all OS and Window Managers like 
Windows 7/8/10, Linux KDE, XFCE or Mate Window manager. Unfortunately, window behaviour 
DO depends on OS/Window Manager. You might need to play with this settings to find a view 
suitable for your needs.
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Translations of this page: