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Screen Editing and Configuration

In this manual, we will be going through all the different elements that can be used to display (and interact with) the necessary information on the myCNC screen. Sample examples for the step-by-step screen configuration of myCNC software are available here.

Getting Started with editing the myCNC screen

By default, myCNC comes with a number of profiles, each with slight visual differences which are designed to best suit the workflow of a particular system, be it a plasma cutting machine, a mill, or a tangential knife setup. However, sometimes it is necessary to edit the software screen to better suit the particular workflow of the operator. Luckily, the myCNC software is almost endlessly customizable since it comes with the ability to edit the .xml files which are responsible for displaying the on-screen content.

These .xml files are stored in your profile folder. On Ubuntu systems, go to your home folder, and then navigate to .config/myCNC/profiles. All your profiles (which can be chosen from within the myCNC software by going into Settings > Info) are stored here:

Upon opening the necessary profile folder (we will be using X1366M in this example, for the simple 3-axis mill profile), you are presented with a list of all the .xml files which will populate your screen:

However, merely being in the profile folder does not mean that the .xml file's contents will be displayed on the myCNC screen. In order for the .xml file to be used, it must be included in the cnc-screen.xml file that is located within that profile's folder:

Upon opening the cnc-screen.xml file and scrolling down to the bottom, you are presented with a list of all the files from within the same folder which will be included when building the myCNC screen:

These files are named according to the different elements they put up on the screen (x-coordinates.xml is responsible for displaying the coordinates, x-gantry.xml deals with the gantry alignment widget, etc). Don't forget to save the files and reload the myCNC application for the changes to take effect.

MyCNC GUI elements









LED Display

SVG Display

Myitems Widget





GLView (3D Visualization)

NCView (2D Visualization)

X-log and Logview

NCList (G-code list)

Myscope (graphs and plots)



MyCNC Actions

All button-like screen components (button, xbutton, bdisplay, kspinbox2) run a Handler procedure when pressed or released event is activated by a mouse click or a touch screen tap. The Handler is defined in the “action” attribute of an XML configuration item.

List of general actions:


Player actions

Jog actions

Motion Settings Actions

Built-in Editor Actions

File Manipulation Actions

Visualization Actions

Widget Manipulations Actions

Application Actions

Hardware Manipulation actions

PLC Actions

Job Actions

OS/System Actions

CNC Variables manupulation Actions

HMI Actions

MyCNC screen configuration examples

The examples for the screen configuration can be found here: Screen configuration examples

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