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myCNC-ET6 CNC controller

Pulse-Dir outputs

ET6 has 6 channel pulse/dir outputs, 3MHz max pulses frequency.

ET6 pulse dir outputs conforms RS422 standard and compatible with most of servo and stepper drivers (line driver with paraphase signals positive and negative polarity). Internal schematic for pulse-dir is shown on a picture below.

Pulse-dir schematic pulse-dir6.jpg

ET6 Output pins

ET6 board contains 7 output pins-

  • 2 relay outputs (OUT#0, OUT#1)
  • 2 open collector outputs (OUT#2, OUT#)
  • 3 PWM outputs (PWM#1, PWM#2, PWM#3)
WARNING: ET6 board rev.1 has Output pin names printed on Botton side of the board. 
This names are NOT correct and differs from actual output addresses. 
Please check table below to find out actual output address
SILK print Actual Output Pin Address
P2A OUT0 (A)
P2B OUT0 (B)
P2C OUT0 (C)
P1A OUT1 (A)
P1B OUT1 (B)
P1C OUT1 (C)

Schematic for ET6 inputs & outputs is shown below

Galvanic isolated inputs

ET6 control board has 8 galvanic isolated binary inputs, 2 groups of 4 inputs each. Each group has separate power supply pins so inputs can be powered from different power sources. Using PNP and NPN sensors simultaneously if possible too.

Connection Examples -

3-wire NPN sensor connection example

3-wire PNP sensor connection example

Spindle speed control through DAC (0-10V)

Board dimension

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