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Torch Height Control (THC)

Regisers to control THC

Variable Name Value Comments
THC #0
GVAR_THC0_ARC_VOLTAGE_REF 7011 Arc Voltage Reference value. This register is written while Load Cutcharts. This register is written while Load Cutcharts. It can be updated automatically if THC is activated in “Measure” mode. In this case, after THC activated and given “THC delay” controller measures real Arc Voltage, save this value as “Arc Reference” and keeps this value during the cut.
GVAR_THC0_ARC_VOLTAGE_ADJ 7012 Adjustment Value for Reference Arc. Either potentiometer or rotary encoder can be connected to this register to be able to adjust Arc Voltage reference on the fly VolategArc Voltage Reference value.
GVAR_THC0_ARC_VOLTAGE_REF2 7013 Register contains sum of Arc Voltage Reference register (#7011) and Adjustment register (#7012). The software automatically updates register value if any of register 7011,7012 is changed. The register is available for reading to display adjusted Arc Voltage reference value
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