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Line driver to 5V converters

In cases where the driver (such as ClearPath) would only activate above a certain threshold due to the difference between the required and the provided signal from the control board due to the design of the driver/motor, the Puruvesi Automation advises to use a line driver to 5V converter.


Their effect can be seen in the following diagram:

The ClearPath driver manual provides an explanation as to why their drivers are not directly compatible with 5V differential outputs, such as the ones used on the myCNC controller boards:

As can be seen, the input to the converter board is converted into a 5V output, which will allow the ClearPath (and similar) drivers to work properly.

Two methods of connecting the converters exist:

Either of these methods should work - it is left to the discretion of the user to pick the setup method better suited for their particular machine.

You can email the myCNC team to find out more about the converters through our Contacts page.

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