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No Connection between myCNC controller and a Host computer

1. Check LAN (wired network) is configured on the Host.

Click right button on a network icon on the top panel and select “Connection information” in a popup menu.

  • Check if there is “eth0” tab in “Connection Information” dialog.
  • Check what IP addresses are configured for LAN. IP addresses by default are:

IP Address:

More addresses

2. Check if WiFi network is configured and does not conflict with the LAN

  • Click on the next tab (which can be your WiFi Access Point name)
  • Check what IP addresses are configured for Wifi. IP addresses should be fixed if WiFi and LAN networks are on the same subnet (for example LAN is and Wifi is

3. Check myCNC control board connection by Ping the board.

Open Terminal window

myCNC controller default IP address is usually or to ping the board. Type command


and check the result. Check another address in case no connection.

Change myCNC controller IP address if no connection. Connect myCNC controller to the Host by USB cable and run Minicom software

sudo   minicom   -D  /dev/ttyUSB0

In the minicom software run command to change IP address

#SLA  192  168  1  78

and check the reply


Exit from Minicom (CTRL-A Q), repeat to ping the board

3. Check myCNC software Network settings.

myCNC control board IP adde\ress should be set in the myCNC software.

Goto Cfg→Network Settings window and setup Controller IP Address to IP address assigned for your myCNC controller.

How to change profile from Linux Desktop

It can be impossible to switch myCNC profile in case current working profile was somehow broken and myCNC software does not start. How to switch to another profile from Linux desktop is shown in the next video.

How to restore profiles

How to restore profile configuration from

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