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myCNC-ET7R4 (ET9)

The myCNC-ET7R4 (also called the myCNC-ET9) controller is the updated version of the myCNC-ET7 board with some additional functionality. For information on the ET7, please consult the following manual: myCNC-ET7 CNC controller

The board naming is different due to a different chip, which requires a separate version of the firmware from the regular ET7 boards (such as ET7R3).

The ET7R4 controller is pictured below:


The myCNC-ET9 pictured with a DC motor driver:


myCNC-ET9 main features:

  • Motor driver can be plugged into an auxiliary connector (outputs #17/#18)
  • 2 PWM ports duplicated (PWM1, PWM2)
  • Since the driver board is designed for 2 motors, therefore the ET9 has support for both
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